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HHexomedine Transdermal Solution 45ml

HHexomedine Transdermal Solution 45ml

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Adjunct treatment of dermatological conditions, primarily bacterial or likely to be superinfected, in particular staphylococcal folliculitis and pyococcal perionyxis

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2 times a day in local applications, brushing or local baths

For nail and periungual infections

either in wet dressings of short duration (30 to 45 minutes)

either in baths of 1 to 3 minutes (the bottle has a large diameter neck for this)

Rinsing after use is unnecessary

Do not use on open wounds and on mucous membranes, or under an occlusive dressing


Hexamidini di-isoaethionas 150 mg - Propylenglycolum - Dimethoxymethan. crudum - Alcohol isopropylicus - Ether polyethylenglycol. - Aqua purificata q.s. ad 100 ml.

Notice Hexomedine

Notice Hexomedine

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