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Omnivit Active Multivitamines et Minéraux 28 Comprimés

Omnivit Active Multivitamines et Minéraux 28 Comprimés

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Omnivit Active is formulated for a triple action. It stimulates your vitality every day with its vitamins and minerals, and quickly brings you energy thanks to a high dosage of ginseng. Omnivit Active is a perfect, scientifically tested combination of three types of energy supply. The 12 vitamins are essential elements that support your health and fitness. Minerals (selenium and zinc) help your immune system function normally. Panax ginseng is a powerful natural tonic which, when dosed ideally, stimulates body and mind.

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Every day, take 1 tablet with a meal with a little water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Consumption should be limited to a few weeks / months.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist in case of concomitant use of treatment for diabetes.


QUANTITY (1 cpr)% AR *

Vitamin A 800 µg 100%

Vitamin B1 1.375 mg 125%

Vitamin B2 1.61 mg 115%

Vitamin B3 = Vit PP 17.6 mg 110%

Vitamin B5 6 mg 100%

Vitamin B6 1.96 mg 140%

Vitamin B12 1 µg 40%

Vitamin C 60 mg 75%

Vitamin D 5 µg 100%

Vitamin E 9.6 mg 80%

Vitamin H = Vitamin B8 0.15 mg 300%

Vitamin M = Vitamin B9 200 µg 100%

Chromium (Cr) 124 µg 310%

Iron (Fe) 16.1 mg 115%

Iodine (I) 150 µg 100%

Copper (Cu) 1.1 mg 110%

Manganese (Mn) 3.5 mg 175%

Molybdenum (Mo) 150 µg 300%

Selenium (Se) 68.75 µg 125%

Zinc (Zn) 15 mg 150%

Panax Ginseng 40 mg

AR = reference intake