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copy of Cosopt (Dorzolamide + Timolol)20 mg/ ml + 5mg/ ml 0.2 ml x 60 Unidose

copy of Cosopt (Dorzolamide + Timolol)20 mg/ ml + 5mg/ ml 0.2 ml x 60 Unidose

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Treatment of elevated intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma or pseudo-exfoliative glaucoma, when ocular beta-blocker monotherapy is insufficient.

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1 drop in the conjunctival sac of the affected eye, twice a day

Administration mode

Open the sachet which contains 15 single-dose containers. There are three blisters of 5 single-dose containers each in the sachet First wash your hands then detach a single-dose container from the blister and open it by turning the end of the single-dose container Tilt your head back and pull slightly lower eyelid down to form a pocket between your eyelid and your eye Instill a drop in the affected eye (s) as directed by the doctor. Each single-dose container contains enough solution for both eyes After instillation, discard the used single-dose container even if some solution remains. Keep the remaining single-dose containers in the sachet; the remaining single-dose containers must be used within 15 days of opening the sachet If used concomitantly with another eye drops, COSOPT Unit Dose and the other eye drops must be administered at least 10 minutes apart