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Movicol 13.8 g x 20 Sachets

Movicol 13.8 g x 20 Sachets

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Chronic constipation

Fecal impaction (stubborn constipation with accumulation of feces in the rectum and / or colon)

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Adults and children from 12 years old


1 to 3 sachets per day, in divided doses

Prolonged use: 1 or 2 sachets per day

Fecal impaction

8 sachets per day, to be taken within 6 hours

Duration of treatment: normally no more than 3 days

In case of cardiovascular insufficiency, maximum 2 sachets per hour

Administration mode

Constipation: dissolve the contents of each sachet in 125 ml of water

Fecal impaction: dissolve the content of 8 sachets in 1 liter of water

Notice Movicol 13.8 g

Notice Movicol 13.8 g

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