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Tena Proskin Pants Normal M x 18 Pièces

Tena Proskin Pants Normal M x 18 Pièces

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Provide finer protection while ensuring the usual Tena security

Adult diapers

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TENA Comfort Normal is a comfortable, anatomically shaped absorbent pad for people who require an incontinence product with high absorbency and want to continue using pads. Unique anatomical shape, for optimal leakage security and a close-to-body fit. Thanks to FeelDry Advanced ™, the product instantly absorbs liquid, helping to keep skin dry and healthy. The absorbent core then absorbs urine quickly, even in large quantities, to keep skin dry, and the 100% breathable ConfioAir ™ outer veil lets skin breathe. All of these characteristics help maintain the natural health of the skin. This reliable absorbent protection is held in place by the TENA Fix Reusable Fixation Undergarment. TENA ProSkin Comfort can be put on while standing or lying down and is easy to put on and change. TENA ProSkin Comfort protectors are available in different absorption levels.

Triple Protection for Skin Health

FeelDry Advanced ™

Unique anatomical shape for anti-leakage safety and optimal comfort