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Corsodyl 2 mg / ml Mouthwash 200 ml

Corsodyl 2 mg / ml Mouthwash 200 ml

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in the prevention and the fight of dental plaque;

in the treatment of simple or ulcerative gingivitis;

in the treatment of periodontal disease of infectious origin such as stomatitis on prostheses;

as a disinfectant during periodontal procedures;

in the presence of ulcerated canker sores or in other oropharyngeal infections, especially candidiasis.

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Dosage Rinse your mouth twice a day for 1 minute with approximately 10 ml of the solution (= one filled measuring cap) or as directed by the doctor / dentist.

Pediatric population Children under 12 years of age should not use the product except on the recommendation of a doctor or pharmacist.

Method of administration Corsodyl is a ready-to-use solution which must not be diluted.

Chronic use of Corsodyl requires regular monitoring by a doctor or dentist. For the treatment of gingivitis, it is recommended to continue treatment for a month.


Contains 0.2% w / v (= 2 mg / ml) chlorhexidine digluconate as active substance.

Notice Corsodyl

Notice Corsodyl

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