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Timolol Flacon 0,50% Gouttes Oculaire 5 ml

Timolol Flacon 0,50% Gouttes Oculaire 5 ml

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Treatment in patients with open-angle glaucoma, aphakic patients with glaucoma, some patients with secondary glaucoma and other patients with elevated intraocular pressure and in whom the risk is sufficient to warrant a reduction in intraocular pressure .

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Instill 1 drop twice a day in the affected eye (s)


Risk and benefit assessment

Dose: use the lowest concentration of active ingredient available, once a day

Max. 2 drops per day per affected eye (12 hour interval).

Administration mode

Ocular use

When nasolacrimal occlusion is used or the eyelids are closed for 2 minutes, systemic absorption is reduced. This can lead to a decrease in systemic side effects and an increase in local activity

To avoid contamination of the dropper tip and solution, care should be taken not to touch the eyelids, adjacent surfaces or other surfaces with the dropper tip of the bottle.