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Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test x 2 Pieces

Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test x 2 Pieces

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Pregnancy test

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The Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test is designed for ease of use, meeting your expectations of Clearblue brand accuracy.

Its revolutionary design is the result of in-depth research into the needs of women.

Reliability greater than 99% from the expected date of menstruation

Ergonomic shape: Easy to handle and more hygienic with a longer, curved handle.

50% Wider Stem: The color changing stem makes it easier to analyze the sample and changes from white to pink to confirm that the test is working properly.

Usable up to 5 days before: The sensitivity of the test is such that you can do it up to 5 days before the expected date of your period (which corresponds to 4 days before the expected date of your period).

The (+) or (-) results are easy to read and display in 3 minutes.

A pregnant result can appear within 1 minute of taking the test when the test is done from the first day of your period (which is the day after your period is due).

You must wait the full 3 minutes to confirm a "not pregnant" result, or when taking a test before your period is late.