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Befact Forte x 100 Tablets

Befact Forte x 100 Tablets

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Relay therapy after parenteral administration of vitamin B1 in Korsakoff-Wernicke encephalopathy

Treatment of vitamin B deficiency polyneuritis in alcoholic or severely malnourished patients

Prevention of hypovitaminosis B due to an overly restrictive diet or chronic alcoholism that can lead to symptoms such as beriberi, glossitis, cheilitis, angular cheilitis

Prevention of polyneuropathy or sideroblastic anemia which may occur during treatment with isoniazid by interference with the metabolism of vitamin B6

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  • Mild to moderate cases: 1 tablet per day
  • Severe cases: 1 tablet, 2 to 3 x per day


  • Adults: 1 tablet per day

Administration mode

  • Swallow with a little liquid
  • At mealtimes

Notice Befact Forte B1 B2 B3

Notice Befact Forte B1 B2 B3

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